Meet the staff of Rileigh's Closet
Barbara & Joe Fisher
Owners of the Closet, Barbara and Joe Fisher, were born and raised in Fremont. They have five chilrden, 19 grandchildren, and soon will have their 8th great- grandchild. . .Joe is retired after working fifty some years as a machinist and owner of the business! Barbara is a published author and has taught writing on line and at Terra College in Fremont. Both are very active at the store!

Jennifer Fisher

Jen is a graduate of Saint Joe High school and later took classes on child care in college. She loves children and is excellent in matching clothes, and helping a customer pick out something for their special child! She is great at all the jobs she has to do to manage the store, and is efficient and kind, and always makes a customer know that at that time they are the most important person in her world! Great job Jenny! Jenny is the mother of two sons and a daughter Rileigh, which the store is named after. . . . "Rileigh's Closet," Jen recently became the grandmother of a beautiful and happy little girl . . . Kinsley!


Janet Nieset
Janet is one of our part time helpers! If there is anything to be done she sees it and does it. She loves the customers and makes them know they are welcome to the store.She is a number one mechanic, clothing tagger,and clothes hanger. Janet is kind,loving, and working with her is a hoot. She has even fired me on occassion! However, she hired me back before the next pay day! Thanks Janet for all your hard work. It is a joy to have you as a part of our team!   
Casey Fisher

   Casey is a great part-time worker!  She  is married to my grandson Toby and they have a little girl, a year and a half, and a little sister on the way! There isn't anything Casey can't put together, from cribs to swings, strollers and you name it! She, like Janet, never has to look for something to do. She always has a smile on her face. Thanks for all you do, Casey! So good to have you as a part of the Rileigh's Closet family!


Rileigh Nicole Leighton

     This is our youngest helper, who runs errands and puts things away, carrys thing upstairs and many other odd jobs. She is also employed at our town's new restarant, the Garrison. Miss Rileigh was the precious littl girl our store was named after! Thanks for everything Rileigh! You are a very special young lady.