Our New Children's Book Room! (This is dedicated to my deceased daughter Mary Elizabeth who I swear was born with a book in her hands!) One time she decided to read the encyclopedias.) We all thought a book was a part of her body! Her interest in reading must have paid off as she was the Valadictorian of her Saint Joe High School class of 1985. . .

As many of you know I am an author, and writer! I love to do both in my spare time. I believe that reading is one of the greatest activities we can do and likewise do with our children, later encouraging them to continue. I have a baby and children's store and love it.  I decided to make a room for the little people to become interested in reading. I will say more about it, but for now I want you to know I plan to have a story hour once a month at the store. I will pick the books according to the age of the children so no one gets lost. The age can change monthly! Parents be sure to check out this part of the closet. See all the great books for kids of all ages!



I was looking for some new books that might help childen and parents in life. I found a set of books that are colorful, simple and important to everyone!  I just added them to the room yesterday! See for yourself!




I am going to have different sections in the book store to make it easier to find what you might be looking for! An example is a friend came in the other day looking for a book to use for "potty" training her niece! I ordered many different books on this, and some training pants, and some other cute things!