• We pay cash for your gently used toys, baby
  • furniture, and baby items.
  • We offer store credit for ALL clothing.
  • The clothing must be CLEAN, up to date and in
  • excellent condition. NO EXCEPTIONS. We give store credit for clothes! Watch this site to see whick season we are taking! Right now we are taking winter!
  • Make sure car seats are not over two years old. Check manufacturer tag to see date.

   We pay cash for large toys, clean, all parts there, working!

   Call us to set up an appointment if Mon or Wed does not   work for you! 419-332-4601 Open from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.


       One of our front windows we use to show you some of your cool products!

One of our big front windows show a number of items we sell! All of our windows are show cases of our items. They can be fun to look at and helps make descions on what to buy!